Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day-Time Television of the Mind

Sometimes the title has nothing to do with what I'm actually writing. When that happens, god help us all.


Today I'd like to talk about how some shit is just BAD. God-awful. A bane upon what-ever eyes shall fall upon it. A scourge to every right thinking mind that should contemplate it. A poison dagger to the heart of what-ever courageous soul should venture forth to conquer it.

More importantly, I want to talk about why everybody loves it.

You know -exactly- what I'm talking about you Twilight reading, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 watching, William Hung listening, Failblog subscriber.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

You see, when something is just that god-damn bad, it causes a special feeling in our hearts. Something that only rational humans are capable of, despite the absolute irrationality of the concept as a whole.

I'm talking about hope.

That little sliver of hope that you too, despite your own mediocrity, can amount to something, in some small way. After all Roger Corman has been making movies for decades!

This kind of optimistic thinking has no place in art, god-dammit.

If you're having fun, if you're not despairing and distressing and beating the shit out of yourself over every insignificant failure, real or imagined, you are not getting better. You're settling. Are you all right with that? Is being merely "okay" acceptable to you? Is anything being acceptable, or tolerable, or "alright" god-damned good enough?


All kidding aside, anything that makes what you work hard at look "easy," either to you or to outsiders, creates an inherent, two-pronged problem.

First, it makes you feel inferior - if these mediocre, or even AWFUL, people are succeeding at what you do, and you're not, what does that say about you?

Second, it makes you settle. If that level of quality was good enough for them, then why not for you? Just take a break, do merely "alright" and hope for the best.

The first problem is an issue that can stop you dead in your tracks. Your career can end before it's begun because you just gave up.

The second is even worse, because the same thing is happening, and you'll never realize it.

Remember these helpful tips at all times, and keep on trucking:

1.) The success or failure of others has little or no impact or bearing on your own success or failure. Everyone faces the same odds.

2.) In the face of those odds, the only way to improve your chances is to continue to work your hardest, even when it seems unnecessary.

This concludes the kindest post I'll make this year. Hope you enjoyed. Next week, I'm back to being me.

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