Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How blogging helps my writing, a personal opinion.

Hello everyone, its me again, the non-writing writer.

As somebody who is struggling to get back into writing, I'd like to point out that my experience has been that blogging is an effective tool to get you off of your ass, and actually putting words onto paper. This is in large part because you can get feedback from real people, and it doesn't always feel like you are doing everything alone. I know that sometimes, I can feel really lost without somebody there helping me.

Take for example, this collaborative. I know that each and every one of my "blogmates" is also a member of a huge, longstanding support network. For sure, if I had a question, and I posted it here, they would do their honest best to help me figure out the answer. I know that this would be true even if my question wasn't about writing. If I didn't have a blog, I don't know that I could organize all the answers from the people I most care about, let alone having them in the same place.

Its also an attitude/motivation thing. If I am already writing two or three blog posts in one day, I might as well commit at least a few paragraphs to some creative writing. I wouldn't write at all if it wasn't for blogging. I know this, because before I blogged, I didn't. Months would go by, and I hadn't written a single word, except for maybe letters to friends. Certainly though, nothing creative or even intelligible.

Blogging helps me stay motivated, and furthermore, it is something that I enjoy. I go out with my camera sometimes with the expressed intent of taking photos to put up on my blog(s). Blogging, you know that nobody is going to assign you a grade at the end, giving you a pass or a fail. When I can pick the topics that I want to talk about, and go where I want to with them, the world is my oyster. Blogging can be freedom to be absolutely creative, and just write to your heart's content.

In a nutshell, if you are somebody like me, who just needs a little motivation to get writing... Try keeping a blog, and invite your friends to read it. Its habit forming, and writing is a habit we want to form, right? Pretty soon, you'll be writing stories and poems, maybe even a novel. Why? Because you were writing anyway, and because it feels sooooo good.


  1. I know exactly where you're coming from! I've been trying to get back into writing myself, but I put a lot of pressure on myself - If I write something for a novel, I want it to be really good. Or, I want to sit down and write for hours so I can get my focus and really have something to show at the end. Blogging takes all the pressure off, because I half expect noone to read mine, yet. It's been really nice to have feedback and see other peoples writing though! You've just inspired me to continue blogging =)

  2. With a blog you can also participate in writing trends on twitter, like #flashfriday , where writers post a flash piece every friday on their blog and link to it in twitter. I think another is #samplesunday for excerpts of longer works. Posting on a schedule and reading and commenting on other writer's work helps with the whole networking and habit forming thing.

  3. Hi, Jessica,

    First of all - could you please email me at lisabet [at] lisabetsarai.com? You're one of the winners from my just-concluded excerpt-fest on my blog Beyond Romance. (You commented on RG's excerpt).

    Second, since I'm here ;^) - I've found that blogging is a bit addictive. Writing is normally somewhat of a solitary occupation. Blogging is one way to connect with readers and other writers. Getting comments is a powerful motivation to continue writing my tales.