Thursday, 19 May 2011

We as writers?

My thoughts upon publishing: Either I'm a true artist or I'm a failed one.

I feel a strong need to comment on the idea of writing for the market. This is why Twilight knockoffs became so popular. This is why stuff like this happens. I understand why it happens, and it breaks my heart. Breaks my little goddamn heart.

Now, maybe I'm misunderstanding this all, but I just feel I a failure for not recognizing these markets and tapping into them like everyone else? Am I missing out on the chance to become big by not following the herd and joining the saturation of the market by doing what is popular? Are YOU?

Are we failed writers because we don't give the public what it wants NOW, or true writers for sticking to our guns and writing what we want to write regardless of who wants to read it?

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