Tuesday, 28 June 2011

So I said last week that I was going to make a miniature figure of one of my characters.

Guess what?

Bam. He doesn't look like much right now, I'll admit, but that's because he's all white sculpey still, at this point. I haven't even cured it yet. (By the way, I'm thinking of boiling instead of baking--any opinions?)
All in all, I think he looks pretty awesome for being the first mini I've ever made.

Can't wait to see him all painted up.


  1. AWESOME! What sort of sculpty stuff are you using? I don't think I've ever tried boiling anything like that, just baking and firing...

  2. It's Sculpey ^III, according to the package. (http://www.sculpey.com/products/clays/sculpey-iii)

    I've never tried any kind of curing methods...I'm really leery of baking it because I'm convinced I'll managed to screw it up somehow. DX

  3. Very lovely work. I like your style, I do. What sort of colors are you going to be using?

  4. Thanks! Dark colors, definitely. Black and dark blue, gray or a dark gray--not many bright colors, although I do intend a touch of red on the scarf.