Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Switch Media.

Page 99 of The Observation Deck by Naomi Epel.

I won't sum up what those two pages say. I don't have to, it's all in the title. (I will briefly plug the kit, in that I believe it's worth a look-at. I got it for Christmas one year and have loved it ever since.)

I've given up writing and I'm going to make a miniature of Forever Moore using a wire armature and Sculpey and acrylic paint. Maybe I'll be able to finish the story when I have a thumb-tall figure of the narrator giving me sad looks from whatever surface I perch him.


  1. A miniature figurine sounds like a ton of fun to make! You should post pictures when you're done :D

  2. I don't know what those pages say, but I would guess it's something about switching artistic outlets if you're feeling burned out on writing.


    I agree with Kuma that you should post pictures. I'll definitely want to see.

    Whatever ends up happening with Blue Star, I really did enjoy reading it, and I'd enjoy continuing it if you get the chance to finish it someday. Just... do it your way. Whether or not I'm in the minority, I genuinely enjoyed what you told me of the ending (and don't tell me the super-secret secrets, because I like spoilers but I like surprises too).

    Don't feel limited to sculpting, either. Artistic exploration is a wonderfully many-faceted thing. EXPLORE. And, most importantly, enjoy. ^_^