Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hello World!

I'm not a software engineer, but I do blog about epublishing and the relationship between writing and the internet over at Author's Refuge. I'm an editor and writer in Victoria, BC. I do freelance editing, and am the Editor in Chief of Island Writer and the Managing Editor of Theory Train.

Since I don't have the client list to freelance full time and the magazines don't pay, I also work in a bike store. It's a fun gig: I get to work in the other industry I love, meet new people, and use my body (lifting bikes in boxes over your head is a significantly better workout than tapping keys).

When I'm not busy at work or in meetings, I spend my time in the online community I helped found, LOLWHAT, and write. I write primarily speculative fiction, generally near-future sci-fi and urban fantasy, though I've also written a short non-fiction guide to epublishing. I think a lot of publishing is heading more independent and online, and I think that's a good thing for the industry as a whole. It means more writers can reach more of the people who would want to read them.

Google Books was just made back-end accessible in Canada, so I'm going to spend my weekend inspecting that and how it can be another tool in my kit for getting books to readers.

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