Saturday, 19 March 2011

Introduction - Laura E. Bradford

Hello. I'm the author of Flyday, a new science fiction novel, and when I was asked to start blogging on a group site I thought: sure, why not. (I also thought of the domain, so they couldn't exactly turn me down.)

So now you're thinking: who is this new writer person? Well, I run an indie music blog over at Paisley Sound, and you can also catch me at A Writer's Notes, which is my personal writing blog. I'm all over the Internet, essentially.

I plan to blog about the following things:
  • research and writing
  • how one goes about epubbing a book
  • why my book is the greatest book ever (it is)
  • betas: care and proper feeding
  • and, how to write fantastic blog posts (like this one)
So, keep in touch. My day to post is Friday.

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