Saturday, 19 March 2011

Introduction- Seth

Hello, audience. My name is Seth, and my personality comes down to three identities, that of a storyteller, a gentleman, and a friend. I don't think I can really cut any of those down to be more specific either, and I apologize for that. I've done story telling in about every medium that exists, including but not limited to poetry, short fiction, long fiction, oral narrating, and even essays. It's hard for me to say which one I identify with most, but on this blog I'll be discussing, mostly written fiction.

A bit about me, though, before I get too far off the rails: I grew up in Washington and Nevada, where I experienced the extremes of both rural and urban living. I grew up in a very religious family, and though I am not a devout or god-fearing individual by any means, the strong moral values of Mormonism and the intense loyalty and devotion of Native American religions echo loudly in my behavior today. When I'm not haunting the internet or my handy-dandy notepad, I'm usually off on a fast-paced and wild adventure, like walking to the library, trying to find a good camping spot, or working gods-forsaken hours at my job as a Telecommunication Assistant.

I am a member of the same Gaia Online group whose namesake is plastered upon this blogsite, and while I wasn't there when the idea of a blog came up, and I was and still am a little hesitant and nervous about this whole blogging experience, I definitely support the idea with all one hundred of my percents. I live in a constant state of awe with regards to the fellow writers on this blog, so it is an honor to be counted among them.

As far as my writing history goes, I've been writing in different mediums since I was about seven. While "Mario and Seth in Disneyland" was definitely not a literary masterpiece, I like to think that years and years of writing failures prepared me to, in my late teens, be prepared to write things of less-crapful quantity. Of course, I've got books of poetry that suggest otherwise, but we'll not get into that right now. I definitely still consider myself a student of writing, and I've got lots of improving to do, especially if I ever want to be published. Most of what I know of writing comes from that long history of failure, and from what I can learn through reading up on those more talented than I, so that will likely be a large portion of what you'll see from me.

And before I get into too much more unnecessary detail, I suppose I'll wrap this introduction up. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to writing for you all again.

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