Friday, 25 March 2011

Introducing a lazy bard.

Hello! I am Nicolette Anderson AKA dah fuzzinator of dewm!, and I am a struggling artist and student. It's not really struggling, it's more that I have a comically low demand for maintenance. I love the idea of a bard going into an inn and captivating others with his words, so that's partly why I became a writer. The other reason is because I wanted to tell stories for anyone who would listen to me.

Like the others here on this blog, I enjoy the LOLWHAT thread on a regular basis. I find online friendships to be important, so I am learning about the power of friendship by keeping an online group of friends. I guess it's like a Nakama, or a group of friends who trust each other.

What do I do besides write and fool around? I enjoy software troubleshooting, software design, art, drawing, housework, walks to nowhere and animal care. I am very reserved in my social life, but feel free to send me e-mails, if you like. I think my e-mail is in my blog,

I do like art and I want to blog about what interests me. So enjoy an example of my art. it's a wolvicorn.

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