Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Writing Contest 'Prizes'

So, I'm a twitter fan, just for the record. You can follow me if you'd like. This week, in the #amwriting and #writing hashtags, there is a sponsored tweet from inkpop for a writing contest.

Neat prompt: rewrite a scene or act from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Great prompt, my favorite of Shakespeare's comedies. So, of course, I'm a bit interested, just for the emotion.

Then I began checking out the contest. The prize? Why, you get your work in a real book! From a real publisher! Wowee! (Is the sarcasm too much?)

It's HarperCollins vetting these contest winners and the book is the 'Teen Classics Edition' of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I nearly choked. Really.

Look, folks, any writer who's put in the effort knows what it takes to get published. This contest is no easier than the real deal. And the real deal offers much better prestige and personal fulfillment. At least then the work will be associated with you and not one of the greatest English writers of all time.

I love the prompt, though, so here's my challenge: everyone take a shot at the prompt and link to it in the comments below. Let's see what a bunch of writers rewriting Shakespeare for our own amusement can do!

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