Saturday, 19 March 2011

Introducing Patrick Thunstrom

I'm a student.

Formally, I'm studying Management Information Systems, and having fun learning programming and business management. In the future I'm hoping to go for an economics degree as I find economics as a subject fascinating.

I'm studying game design in my spare time and applying it through my own independent projects in the roleplaying market. My gaming blog is available at Thunderstorm Game Design.

Less formally, I'm learning the craft of writing damn good fiction. In that effort, I've bought many books and follow many blogs in an effort to improve my skills as a storyteller and writer.

Finally, I'm a father of two great kids.

LOLWHAT blog is actually something I suggested, and am glad to be working with this great group of folks on a focused blog. My subjects will be on the structure of writing and how to use theoretical tools to improve your stories.

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