Saturday, 19 March 2011

Just another lunatic.

My name is Jessica, but you can call me Shadow.
I'm not a student, at least, not at the moment. I barely write. I hardly belong here. I do read though, and I like to think I know what good writing is by now.
You might ask how somebody like me, who is obviously not as tuned in with the writing world as my cohorts, ended up on a blog like this. Its because I, like everybody else here, post on the LOLWHAT. We're close, and whether we practice it or not, we all love writing.

I read a variety of things. My end game in life is to end up with a PhD in Political Science, so I tend to read up on politics as often as possible. It can leave my library a little dry. In the middle of my reading fare is travel literature and light reality based fiction. I call them "beach reads". 
When I'm not entertaining myself with a good read from the literature or Canadian politics section, I read (and sometimes write) erotica. Its not something I tend to share easily, but it is something I know a lot about. I intend to explore that a little bit through this blog. Appropriate or not, it is who I am.

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